For the slicing of all fruit and vegetables into a big variety and dimensions, up to 1.200 Kg/ per hour.

Via the infeed-belt, the product is transported through the machine towards the knives. The width of the belt is 125mm and the product can be fed in randomly. Via a top belt the product is fixed and equally fed through the knives in order to get an equal cut product. With the control cabinet, the cutting dimensions can be adjusted for every type of cut and every size of the cut. A wide range of cutting blades is available to create any cut on demand. The knives are known as the best and longest-lasting knives on the market and can be re-sharpened up to 6 times. This machine is easy to clean, within 2 minutes the knife and the transport belt can be dismantled. Changing out knives can be done within 15 seconds!


Additional Info
This machine is also equipped with emergency stops which makes the machine besides user friendly also an user-safe machine. The machine comes with the standard single cutter knife. All wearable parts are available as spare part. The machine can be equipped with different frames, working tables or connecting machines.

For the slicing of fruit and vegetables into any shape of cut from 1mm up to 40mm. The maximum infeed size is 125mm width and 95 height.

Revolutionary quality
The cleanest cut ever seen
Significant yield increase
Outstanding blade life
Quickest changeover

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