For the cutting of fruit and vegetables into slices, sticks and dices up to 2.000 Kg/ per hour

Via the infeed-tunnel, the product is entered in the machine and rotor. This rotor will pick up the product and pushes it through the slicing knife. Depending on the type of cut the machine will cut sticks and furthermore the sticks are cut in to perfectly cut. With one machine you can do three handlings. The complete machine can be opened on the side for easy cleaning and quick changing of the knives. The rotor-speed can be adjusted easily for a perfect cut of any product. The knife sets for the machine need to be bought separately from the machine. All wearable parts are available as a spare parts. Knife-sets for the cutting other dimensions are easy to change out within 3 minutes and can be re-sharpened up to 5 times.


Technical Specifications:
Capacity: up to 2.000 Kg/hour*
Product Infeed: Continuously / singled
Dimensions: 757 x 901 x 1329 mm.
Diameter product infeed: max 85mm
Dimensions product outfeed: 3 – 20mm
Power consumption: 1,15Kw, 220/400V 50Hz
Machine weight: 102 kg
Water consumption: 0 – 2,5 m³/hour
Materials: Stainless steel, glass blasted, Drive components and other parts of normal material

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