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Technical Data:Motor: 380V 3N~ 0,3kW 50/60HzCapacity: 12kg./batchBody & Legs: Stainless SteelPeeling Disc: Stainless SteelPeeling Capacity: 260kg./hr.Timer Settings: 30 – 90 – 120 secondsLoss Ratio: 8% – 15%Weight: 46kg


The machine enables the peeling and washing of potatos. With the water input into the tank, the onion skin is softened and peeled with very minimal loss. Potatos do not get smashed or split into pieces. The body, legs and the peeler parts of the machine are made of hygienic materials resistant to corrosion. The machine does not require to be fastened to the floor.Thanks to the safelty system, when the lid is open the machine does not operate or stops operating. The overturning system delivers greater performance and time value compared to an emptying cover on the side of the machine. The control panel mounted on the side od the machine delivers ergonomy and insulation against water. Thanks to the timer on the control panel, the peeling is made in the specific period depending on the shape and kind of the onion. It stops automatically when the time is up. The panel controls the water inlet. You need to turn the tap on only once. The peeler is easily changable and made of stainless steel. Operation is silent and vibration free. The machine does not need greasing or maintenance.

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